BUG Kitchen Party Jam Live @ Red Bird! Wednesday, March 20, 2024

BUG Kitchen Party Jam Live @ Red Bird! Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Join us for some fine tunes, shenanigans, and a wee tipple to ward off the last chill of winter! Sure we'll have a whale of a time! Ye dunna need to be any good.


NOTE:  Today - March 20 - there are two tickets available if you're wantin' to join us. Please email Sue@bytownukulele.ca by 3 p.m. to enquire. No tickets are available at the door.

Don't forget to break out yer ugly sticks, bodhrans, spoons, harmonicas, tin whistles, and wear yer festive finery be it sou’westers, kilts, green, plaid, etc.

IMPORTANT NEWS! You will now always have a seat at BUG!

How? Beginning with our jam on March 20, 2024, all folks must have a ticket to be admitted to our BUG Jams at Red Bird.

TICKETS:  $10 in advance
Tickets for the March 20 BUG Jam will be available to purchase on the Red Bird website starting on March 6 at 10:00 a.m. To purchase tickets, go to the Red Bird "SHOWS" menu, click Upcoming Shows, and then click on our BUG Jam announcement. You will be guaranteed a seat but not a specific seat. Here's the link: Upcoming Shows  

NOTE: There may be five (5) Pay-What-You-Can tickets available. Please email Sue@bytownukulele.ca to enquire.

DOORS OPEN at 6:45 p.m. and you must have your ticket scanned to be admitted.

TIME:   7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

WHERE:   Red Bird Live Music, 1165 Bank Street, one block south of Sunnyside Ave., Old Ottawa South. Also, check out their Facebook page: Red Bird Live | Facebook

Red Bird is a live music listening venue in Ottawa South with a brand new ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) HVAC ventilation system installed in November 2021 - ERV improves indoor air quality by providing fresh outside air. The venue is at street level with front and back doors.

SONGS:  We'll be playin' Celtic songs, East Coast songs, pub songs from the PDF songbook posted at the top of the list of song below - songs with a lilt, that tilts your kilt, and get's ya all fired up! Or makes ya weep in your beer! We'll display the songsheets on a screen at the front of the room. Or if you'd prefer, you can download the songbook and chord charts to your device if you'd like to use your own device at the jam.

YOU CAN REQUEST A SONG THAT YOU'D LIKE US TO SING BY CHOOSING ONE FROM OUR HUGE BUG Kitchen Party Songbook  and then emailing me the title at Sue@bytownukulele.ca Better yet - why not grab a couple of friends and volunteer to lead the song. It's wonderful fun when we get lots of different BUGs at the mics to lead songs, so please don't be shy! Email me the name of a song that you'd like to lead. Of course, Mark and I and lots of other BUGs are always happy to sing and play along with you as well!  Just let me know if you need it in a different key to suit your voice. You can also submit a new songsheet, in an editable text file, along with a link to a YouTube video that best represents how you like to play it to Sue@bytownukulele.ca. I'll work with you to format it for BUG.
DEADLINE for song requests & submissions:  March 6, 2024

OPEN MIC:  There will be two or three open mic spots this time round, if we get volunteers. If you're interested, please email me, Sue@bytownukulele.ca, with the name of the song you'd like to sing and the artist/songwriter. If spots are full, you'll be put on a waiting list for the next available spot. If you love open mic sessions, we'd also highly encourage you to participate in Red Bird's Open Stage every Tuesday evening and their Coffee House every Sunday afternoon.
DEADLINE for open mic submissions: March 6, 2024

SEATING:  1000 square feet on the main floor with seats for 86 people. There are some padded chairs and love seats with side tables, regular chairs and tables, and high chairs and tables at the back and along the sides.

FOOD & DRINK:  Red Bird has a delicious selection of pressed sandwiches, sausages, personal pizzas, and other treats, as well as local beers, ciders, non-alcoholic craft sodas, cocktails, wine, and coffee/tea - all locally sourced.

ACCESSIBILITY: 6 steps up from the Bank St. sidewalk, with handrails

WASHROOMS:  on main floor

PARKING:  street parking and small parking lot at the south end of the building.

COVID precautions: We really want to see you but please don't come if you're not feeling well. We also hope everyone has had all the covid vaccines they're eligible for - Mark and I have each had 7 vaccinations so far. Feel free to wear a mask if you want and carrying along some hand sanitizer with you is always a good idea.

IF YOU CAN'T JOIN US LIVE for whatever reason, no worries! We record the jam, so that you can play along with us anytime! Be sure to plug an external speaker into your computer to listen so that you'll hear the uBass and get the full effect! In the recording, no one's names appear on the screens! We'll upload the jam video and the songbook we use for the evening on our BUG Jam Videos page.

If you'd like to help Sue and Mark cover the monthly costs they pay that are associated with this website, please consider making a small donation. Thank you for your support.


Here is the Songlist:

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