Wasn't That A Party

"Wasn't That A Party" was written and first released by American singer-songwriter Tom Paxton on April 10, 1973.


Wasn't That A Party (C)(WORD)
Wasn't That A Party (C)(PDF)

Wasn't That A Party (F)(WORD)
Wasn't That A Party (F)(PDF)

YOU CAN PLAY IN THE SAME KEY as the Irish Rovers video using the (F) songsheet, but I have cut out the first half of the instrumental and made some other tweaks for optimal group play! Thanks to Torben Miller for bringing this song to BUG!

In February 2002, Paxton was honored with the ASCAP Lifetime Achievement Award in Folk Music. Paxton has been nominated four times for Grammy Awards, all since 2002. In 2009, Paxton received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Rovers is a 1980 album by the Canadian music group The Irish Rovers. It was their first album after they rebranded themselves as The Rovers, dropping "Irish" from the group name, and includes their crossover country hit "Wasn't That a Party". In the early 1980s, the group adjusted its style and began aiming itself towards the country-rock field. For most of the 1980s the band was known as "The Rovers" but by the late 1980s, the group had reverted to their original Irish Rovers branding.

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