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  1. Beginner - Strum and sing at the same time
  2. Beginner video lesson for baritone ukulele - Mike Lynch
  3. Beginner video lessons - Cynthia Lin
  4. Beginner video lessons - Ukulele Underground
  5. Beginners - get your strum going!
  6. Beginners - to get you started! Tuning, strumming, tutorials, etc.
  7. Blues - play the 12-bar blues on ukulele
  8. Campanella fingerstyle ukulele
  9. Chord boxes - make your own! Thanks to Hans Boldt!
  10. Chord boxes that you can put into song sheets!
  11. Chord charts, how to read chord charts, tune your uke, strumming patterns...
  12. Chord melody - basics of creating an arrangement
  13. Chord melody creation with Mike Lynch
  14. Chord namer, chord inversions, etc
  15. Chord progressions
  16. Chord progressions and intros - Kimo Hussey
  17. Circle of Fifths explained
  18. Clawhammer technique - Guido Heistek
  19. Clawhammer technique videos from Aaron Keim
  20. Diminished chords explained by Mike Lynch
  21. Fingerpicking exercises
  22. Fretboard template sheets
  23. George Formby documentary and split stroke tutorial
  24. Other good song sites
  25. Percussive techniques to spice up your strum!
  26. Picks for the ukulele - video from Aaron Keim (The Quiet American)
  27. Strum pattern diagrams
  28. Strum patterns - 13 most useful ones
  29. Strums (advanced) - Ukulele Underground
  30. Tricks for ukulele showboating - Peter Forrest
  31. Tune your ukulele
  32. Z Chord and other fancy ukulele strumming