Recording Studio At Home For Beginners

Recording Studio At Home For Beginners

Here's link to some simple tips specifically geared to ukulele players.

The Fundamentals of Recording Ukulele
Today, we’ll be going over the fundamentals of recording and how to take the next steps toward creating high-quality recordings, including the tools you’ll need and a few tips for improving sound quality.

Here's a link to an interesting website with lots of interesting info about equipment and setting up a home recording studio.

Home Recording Studio Solutions for Everyday Musicians
Want to build a home recording studio? But don’t know how? In this site, we explain the entire process in a series of 5 simple chapters.

Here's a link to Music Repo a great YouTube channel with LOTS of tutorials about recording from home and using Zoom as well.

Music Repo
At Music Repo we want to help you make better music using technology. We want to bring you hints and tips on how to record, improve, create, compose, learn and play music. We live our daydreams in music. If you do too, then subscribe and we’ll help you repossess your dreams.Please note, as an Amazo…

Here's a link to a Facebook group called "Techniques for making ukulele videos discussion group" that you may like to join.

Techniques for making Ukulele Videos Discussion Group
A place to talk about making videos of yourself, or others, mainly focused on the ukulele. Discuss techniques and ask questions to help make your own videos better. We aim to cover everything from...
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