Chord charts, how to read chord charts, tune your uke, strumming patterns...

Chord charts and lots of links to valuable online ukulele resources


GCEA chord chart (PDF)
DGBE baritone chord chart (PDF)
GCEA & DGBE combined chord chart (PDF)
180 GCEA chord chart (PDF)
180 DGBE baritone chord chart (PDF)

Above are some ukulele chord charts that are freely available on the internet for an individual's personal use. You can print them out as a handy reference. There are lots of freebies on the internet!

Tune your uke:

How to read chord charts:

Strumming patterns and techniques:

Strum pattern sheet
Strumming pattern sheet
Ukulele Strumming Patterns for Beginners (link to Ukulele Go)
Ukulele Strumming Patterns: The 13 Most Useful Ones (link to Ukulele Hunt)

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