Maids When You’re Young

"Maids When You're Young" is a bawdy song which is full of innuendo and risqué allusions. It would have been shocking in its day. It's also known as The Old Man Came Courting Me.


Maids When You’re Young (WORD)
Maids When You’re Young (PDF)

The bawdy elements are expressed through nonsense words such as "faloorum" and "ding-doorum". The meaning is clear from the context and listeners can interpret the song as they wish. The origin of the song is unknown but it's possible that it first appeared in music halls (vaudeville). The song was popular in the late 19th century in Ireland and the UK and quickly spread across the English speaking world. According to song collector Robert Gogan, the first known published version appeared in 1869 in a collection called Ancient Scottish Songs, Heroic Ballads, etc. by David Herd. It appeared under the title, "Scant of Love, Want Of Love". The song was made popular again by Luke Kelly and The Dubliners. (FROM THE IRISH MUSIC DAILY)

"Maids When You're Young Never Wed An Old Man" is a single by the Dubliners released in December 1967. The song was seen to be offensive due to its sexualized themes and was banned by RTÉ and the BBC, resulting in its failing to make the UK top 40, instead peaking at No.43. It was the Dubliners' last hit single for over 20 years in the UK. The song also failed to make the top ten in Ireland, peaking at No.11. (Wikipedia)

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