Seven Old Ladies (Got Stuck In A Lavatory)

"What Can the Matter Be?", also known as "Johnny's So Long at the Fair" is a traditional nursery rhyme that can be traced back as far as the 1770s in England. There are several variations on its lyrics.

Seven Old Ladies (Got Stuck In A Lavatory)


Seven Old Ladies (WORD)
Seven Old Ladies (PDF)

The song has been parodied several times, the best known of which is the American bawdy song "Seven Old Ladies", sung to the same tune but with different lyrics.

A traditional bawdy pub song! There are lots of different versions and verses, ways of singing it, etc. but here's what I've put together for BUG.

If you like you can play it as a 2 chord song, i.e. take out the [D] - the IV chord.

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