Bluenose Song, The

"The Bluenose Song" also known as "Ballad of the Bluenose" is a maritime folk song written in 1966 by Michael Stanbury.


The Bluenose Song (C)(WORD)
The Bluenose song (C)(PDF)

The Bluenose Song (G)(WORD)
The Bluenose Song (G)(PDF)

You can play along in the same key as the 1st video using the (G) songsheet to learn the song! On BUG night March 2024, we'll be using the (C) songsheet. Thanks to Arlene McIntosh for bringing this song to BUG!

"The Bluenose Song" celebrates the legendary Canadian schooner Bluenose, which was renowned for its speed and grace. The original Bluenose, captained by Angus Walters, achieved fame in the 1920s as a champion racing and fishing vessel.

The song captures the spirit of this iconic ship, and its lyrics evoke the pride and admiration felt by Nova Scotians and Canadians alike. The Bluenose remains an enduring symbol of Canadian maritime history, and its legacy continues to inspire generations. Bluenose "sailed once again" after the replica "Bluenose II" was launched in Lunenburg on July 24th, 1963.

Michael Stanbury was a member of The Townsmen Trio in 1962-63 who performed on CBC TV show "Singalong Jubilee". He studied acting then re-joined Singalong Jubilee 1969-71 as musical director.

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