Forty-Five Years

Stan Rogers’s “45 Years” (or “Forty-Five Years”) is often considered to be one of the greatest love songs ever written, and certainly in the Canadian folk tradition


Forty-Five Years (WORD)
Forty-Five Years (PDF)

You can play along with the video in GCEA tuning if you tune your uke 2 semi-tones lower to F A# D G. We'll be playing in the key of C.

This song is from Stan Rogers 1976 album "Fogarty's Cove". Stanley Allison "Stan" Rogers (November 29, 1949 – June 2, 1983) was a Canadian folk musician and songwriter. Rogers was noted for his rich, baritone voice and his traditional-sounding songs which were frequently inspired by Canadian history and the daily lives of working people, especially those from the fishing villages of the Maritime provinces and, later, the farms of the Canadian prairies and Great Lakes. Rogers died in a fire aboard Air Canada Flight 797 on the ground at the Greater Cincinnati Airport at the age of 33. Rogers' legacy includes his recordings, songbook, and plays for which he was commissioned to write music. His songs are still frequently covered by other musicians, and are perennial favourites at Canadian campfires and song circles. Members of Rogers' band, including his brother Garnet Rogers, continue to be active performers and form a significant part of the fabric of contemporary Canadian folk music. Following his death, he was nominated for the 1984 Juno Awards in the category for Best Male Vocalist. In 1994, his posthumous live album Home in Halifax was likewise nominated for Best Roots and Traditional Album.

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