Crawl, The

"The Crawl" by Spirit of the West - the quintessential drinking song. This song, from their 1986 album "Tripping Up The Stairs", tells the story of the North Shore Pub Crawl in Vancouver BC. The Crawl was an enduring fan favourite at the band's concerts.


The Crawl, The (F)(WORD)
The Crawl, The (F)(PDF)
The Crawl, The (D)(WORD)
The Crawl, The (D)(PDF)

If you'd like to play along with the video in GCEA tuning, you can use the D songsheet and put your capo on the 2nd fret!

At the BUG Jam, we'll use the F songsheet. DON'T FORGET -  YOU CAN ALWAYS LEAVE OUT THE INSTRUMENTALS but we've got a killer melodion part to play with them!

***REVISED MARCH 9, 2019 - SR***

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