V'la l'bon vent

"V'là l'bon vent" is a folksong on the theme of the 'trois canards' or three ducks, of which there are some 100 variants.


V'là l'bon vent (WORD)
V'là l'bon vent (PDF)

V'là l'bon vent (UBass)

Among the most popular are 'En roulant ma boule' and 'V'là l'bon vent!' 'Lèv' ton pied,' 'C'est l'vent frivolant,' 'Suivons le vent,' and 'Descendez à l'ombre' are some of the other titles. The melody and the words of the chorus differ considerably from one version to another, but the story of the king's son who kills one of the three ducks is the same in most; the theme apparently arrived in Canada some time during the 17th century and was well known to the voyageurs. Ernest Gagnon, in Chansons populaires du Canada (Quebec City 1865), suggests that the words of the chorus as well as the tune of 'V'là l'bon vent!' are of Canadian origin. (Canadian Encyclopedia)

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