Leezy Lindsay

Lizie Lindsay is Child ballad 226 (Roud 94), existing in several variants (also known as "Lizzie Lindsay" or "Leezie Lindsay").


Leezy Lindsay (WORD)
Leezy Lindsay (PDF)

A Highland Laird courts Lizie Lindsay in Edinburgh, sometimes after his mother had warned him not to hide his highland origins.  Her family warns him off, but her maid encourages her.  She finds the highlands hard, but finally he brings her to his family, where he is a lord, and makes her the lady of a great castle.

In some variants, she is told when he is wooing her in Edinburgh that he is a lord, and that is what persuades her to go.

This song about Leezie Lindsay being enticed by a rich Highland lord has been around for a long time and there are various versions in most Scottish song collections dating back at least to 1700's. Robert Burns recorded a fragment which forms the basis of the first verse in many of these. The pretty tune accompanying the song has ensure that the song remains popular to this day.

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