Farewell To Nova Scotia

"Farewell to Nova Scotia" is a popular folk song from Nova Scotia of unknown authorship.


Farewell To Nova Scotia (WORD)
Farewell To Nova Scotia (PDF)

Here's a really interesting link to the history of the song: http://www.helencreighton.org/collection/NSsong/

Versions of the song were collected by folklorist Helen Creighton, first in 1933 from Ann Greenough in Petpeswick, Nova Scotia, and then from other singers in surrounding communities along the province's Eastern Shore.In 1808 a Glasgow newspaper printed "The Soldier's Adieu", attributed to Robert Tannahill. It has several lines and phrases in it that suggest it was a source of inspiration for the song. The song is catalogued as Roud Folk Song Index No. 384.

I've used the wording collected by Ms. Creighton for our song sheet and for playing it for BUG outings we'll use the style of the posted video.

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