Whiskey and Lulu

"Whiskey and LuLu" written by JJ Hardill and Fiftymen.


Whiskey and Lulu (WORD)
Whiskey and Lulu (PDF)

The video is from a benefit concert for The Wakefield Community Emergency Fund in Wakefield, Quebec, Canada.

Fiftymen plays greasy country the way you would expect from a very experienced band, with double barrel guitars, at times extremely twangy and a tight rhythm section. Singer JJ Hardill''s stainless steel baritone fits their music like a glove.

Fiftymen was a local Ottawa area group made up of band members JJ Hardill, Mark Michaud, Todd Gibbon, Mike Houston Hanlan, Jake Bryce, Keith Snider, and Dave Draves. Here's an article from the Ottawa Citizen about them:
Fiftymen: After 16 years, the final, sold-out shows are here | Ottawa Citizen

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