When You Wore A Tulip

Music by Percy Wenrich, Lyrics by Jack Mahoney. Publication date: 1914


When You Wore A Tulip (WORD)
When You Wore A Tulip (PDF)

Although she did not record it, this song was a hit in live performance for Dolly Connolly, who was Wenrich's wife. It's likely that the original performance of this work was by Connolly. The first recording was by American Quartet in September 1914.

Percy Wenrich (January 23, 1887 – March 17, 1952) was an American composer of ragtime and popular music. Born in Joplin, Missouri to Daniel Wenrich and Mary Ray, he left for Chicago in 1901 where he attended classes at the Chicago Musical College. Wenrich moved on to New York City around 1907 to work as a Tin Pan Alley composer, but his music retains a Missouri folk flavor. He composed at least eighteen rags, including "Ashy Africa," "Noodles," "Peaches and Cream" (1905), "Crab Apples," and "The Smiler" (1907). His songs include "Wabash Avenue After Dark" and the hits "Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet" (1909, lyrics by Stanley Murphy), "When You Wore a Tulip and I Wore a Big Red Rose" (1914, lyrics by Jack Mahoney) and "Minnetonka" (1921, lyrics by Gus Kahn).

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