When I First Stepped In A Canoe

"When I First Stepped In A Canoe" is a song written by Ottawa based singer-songwriter Shelley Posen in 2004 and can be found on the CD, Canoe Songs 1.


When I First Stepped In A Canoe (WORD)
When I First Stepped In A Canoe (PDF)

When I First Stepped In A Canoe (MP3)

Shelley (I. Sheldon) Posen is a Canadian folklorist, singer and songwriter, a member of the folk trio 'Finest Kind', and a former writer of the 'Songfinder' column for Sing Out!  In the 1970s, while still a graduate student, he was the Director of Mariposa in the Schools. He conducted fieldwork and recorded traditional songs extensively in the Ottawa Valley. He was Curator of Canadian Folklife at the Canadian Museum of Civilization/Canadian Museum of History from 2001 to 2015.  He has written on traditional song, Canadian sports and cultural heroes, and the folklore of Canadian foods such as the butter tart.

Finest Kind is a folk music trio based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It consists of Ian Robb, Ann Downey and Shelley Posen. The band is known for its three-part harmony renditions of traditional folk songs.

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