Take On Me

"Take On Me" is a song by Norwegian synthpop band A-ha, first released in 1984, and is considered to be the band's signature song.


Take On Me (WORD)
Take On Me (PDF)

In GCEA tuning, put your capo on the 2nd fret to play along with the video (minus some instrumental)

The original "Take On Me" was recorded in 1984 and it took two versions and three releases finally to chart in the United Kingdom, reaching number two on the UK Singles Chart in October 1985. In the United States in October 1985, the song became the only A-ha song to top the Billboard Hot 100, assisted by the wide exposure on MTV of its innovative music video. The video features the band in a live-action pencil-sketch sequence. The video won six awards and was nominated for two others at the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards.

The band intended the song to show off Harket's vocal range and which led to the vocal "doing this spiraling thing". As the chorus progresses, Harket's voice hits ever higher notes, reaching a falsetto and hitting the song's highest note at the end. Rolling Stone has thus noted the song as "having one of the hardest-to-sing choruses in pop history". (WIKIPEDIA)

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