Home For A Rest

"Home for a Rest" is a song by Canadian folk rock band Spirit of the West from their fourth studio album Save This House, released in 1990.


Home For A Rest (WORD)
Home For A Rest (PDF)

YOU CAN PLAY ALONG WITH THE VIDEO UNTIL THE VERY END! I've shortened the instrumental at the end. Thanks to Chris Hill for bringing this song to BUG!

"Home for a Rest" is the band's signature song and is considered a classic of Canadian music. Written by John Mann and Geoffrey Kelly in 1989 during one of the band's first tours of England, it was originally more of a poem than a full-fledged song. In 2018, the song was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. Kelly in an interview with the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame:

It is to me still very strange that Canada has really latched on to the song, because the song is really about being in the U.K... We had no plans for it to be a single or even a video...despite all of that, it’s powered through, and it’s by far our most loved song.

Although the song received widespread radio and club airplay throughout the 1990s, it was never officially released as a single in its own right until 2014, when a limited edition single was released for Record Store Day. "Home for a Rest" was always the final song played at the band's concert performances, excepting encores. A live performance of the song at the band's 2015 Massey Hall concert forms the climax of the 2016 documentary film Spirit Unforgettable; due to Mann's battle with early-onset Alzheimer's disease, he struggled with the lyrics at first but the entire audience begins singing along. (Wikipedia)

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