Hang Me, Oh Hang Me

Dave Van Ronk just missed the boat—check out the Cohen Brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis to get my meaning.


Hang Me, Oh Hang Me (WORD)
Hang Me, Oh Hang Me (PDF)

"Hang Me, Oh Hang Me" is one of his best efforts, but it didn't receive the deserved attention in 1964- probably because Van Ronk's pal and protégé (Bob Dylan) was vacuuming up all the airtime afforded to folk music.

Great trad tune, you can play along with the first video (excluding the 4th verse - we've included it because it's in the Coen Brother's movie version as well as David Van Ronk's recording and we didn't want to lose it)!

Really interesting stories about the origins and variations of the song: http://www.chimesfreedom.com/2014/02/24/the-journey-of-hang-me-oh-hang-me-from-the-scaffold-to-the-screen/

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