Galway Girl, The

"Galway Girl" or "The Galway Girl" is a song written by Steve Earle and recorded with Irish musician Sharon Shannon, which was featured on Earle's 2000 album Transcendental Blues.


The Galway Girl (Ukului version)(WORD)
The Galway Girl (Ukului version)(PDF)

The Galway Girl (Steve Earle version)(WORD)
The Galway Girl (Steve Earle version)(PDF)

You can play along with the UKULUI video in GCEA tuning using the UKULUI songsheet and putting your capo on the 7th fret! You can play along with Steve Earle video using the EARLE songsheet with the exception that the instrumentals have been shortened. Thanks to Mike Cox for introducing the Steve Earle version to BUG!

Of course you can always choose to leave out instrumentals altogether if you're leading the song - just let the group know before you start.

A cover version of the song by Mundy and Shannon reached number one and became the most downloaded song of 2008 in Ireland, and has gone on to become the eighth highest selling single in Irish chart history. Irish artist Mundy collaborated with Sharon Shannon on a cover of "Galway Girl", a track she had previously performed with Steve Earle. A studio version of the track reached number one on the Irish Singles Chart in April 2008 and remained there for five weeks. It was the biggest-selling download in Ireland in 2008, and was a winning nominee at the 2008 Meteor Awards.

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