Four Strong Winds

"Four Strong Winds" is a song written by Canadian Ian Tyson in the early 1960s and recorded by Canadian folk duo Ian and Sylvia.


Four Strong Winds (WORD)
Four Strong Winds (PDF)

This is the original version as recorded by Ian and Sylvia in 1963.

A significant part of the early 1960s folk revival, the song is a melancholy reflection on a failing romantic relationship. The singer expresses a desire for a possible reunion in a new place in the future ("You could meet me if I sent you down the fare") but acknowledges the likelihood that the relationship is over ("But our good times are all gone/And I'm bound for moving on ...").

In 2005, CBC Radio One listeners chose this song as the greatest Canadian song of all time on the series 50 Tracks: The Canadian Version. Here's a link to some interesting notes about the song lyrics and how when other artists covered it, they changed Tyson's original words which shifted the meaning of the song:

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