Closing Time

"Closing Time" is a song by American rock band Semisonic. It was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song in 1999.


Closing Time(WORD)
Closing Time (PDF)

YOU CAN PLAY ALONG WITH THE VIDEO IN GCEA TUNING! An opportunity to practice a simple tab - only 2 strings!

Possible strum:  / 1  2  / D   D u / DudD  / D   D  u / DudD /

/  1  2  / 1    2    /  1     2   /  1   2     /  1     2  /

"Closing Time" was released in March 1998 as the lead single from their album Feeling Strangely Fine. Their signature song, it was written by Dan Wilson and produced by Nick Launay. It reached #1 on Modern Rock Tracks. Prior to the composition "Closing Time", Semisonic would usually end their concerts with the song "If I Run". However, the band eventually grew tired of playing this song every night and so Wilson set out to write a new song that they could play at the end of their set. Wilson's girlfriend was pregnant at the time and although Wilson did not set out consciously to write a song about giving birth, he has stated that "Part way into the writing of the song, I realized it was also about being born."

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