Zombies Just Wanna Be Loved

Fun halloween song by Bryant Oden, only three chords, nice little ditty ...


Zombies Just Wanna Be Loved (WORD)
Zombies Just Wanna Be Loved (PDF)

Bryant started writing songs when he was a kid growing up in Oklahoma. In the fall of 2008, Bryant Oden finally started the process of making a CD of his children's songs. “After hearing someone say again I should record my kid songs, I just decided to go for it. I thought I would record maybe eight or nine songs. 6 months later I had recorded over 30, most of them newer songs that came to me once I started recording. So this has become a much bigger project than I had expected!”

His YouTube channel, started in 2009, now has over 60 million video views.  In March of 2009, a popular 14 year old Youtube filmmaker made an animated video of The Duck Song, which now has over 125 million views.  “It’s been fun to kind of have an internet hit lately,  fun to hear about kids singing the song down the hallways at school, and to see all the fan videos of it.  But it’s the nature of the internet that popular things tend to fade away about as fast as they rise, so I’m more focused on the longer term.”

About Singer Songwriter Bryant Oden - Songdrops: Funny Songs for Kids by Bryant Oden
Singer-songwriter Bryant Oden started writing songs when he was a kid growing up in Oklahoma and spending his summers in the Colorado Mountains. Some songs were funny, and others were straight from his heart. “None of them were very good. But that process of being in a creative mood and writing a fu…

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