Zombie Song, The

"The Zombie Song" was written by Stephanie Mabey in 2009, released as a single in 2010, and included on her 2012 album "Wake Up Dreaming".

Zombie Song, The


The Zombie Song (WORD)
The Zombie Song (PDF)

YOU CAN PLAY IN THE SAME KEY AS THE MABEY VIDEOS! Thanks to Kathy Tang for bring the song to BUG.

Stephanie was inspired to write the song after reading the cult classic, "The Zombie Survival Guide". The drawings in the first animated video posted below, were drawn by Stephanie's 14-year-old cousin, Maddy Ashton. Stephanie Mabey is a singer/songwriter known for dreamy melodies and razor-sharp lyrics. She has had songs featured on MTV and several independent films. The Zombie Song was the theme song for the 2022 Netflix series "First Kill". Just like the zombies in the song, Mabey’s track is getting a whole new life, 13 years later, through First Kill. That’s a piece of irony no one could have seen coming. As the singer joked in her acoustic YouTube video of the song in 2009, “Vampires are still getting way too much love these days.” The animation in the first video was drawn by her 14-year-old cousin,

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