Having My Baby, (You're)

"(You're) Having My Baby" is a song written and recorded in 1974 by Canadian singer Paul Anka (born and raised in our own city of Ottawa, Ontario).


(You're) Having My Baby (WORD)
(You're) Having My Baby (PDF)

Brought to BUG by Sharon Baird and Mike Cox! You can play along with Sharon AND Paul Anka.

"(You're) Having My Baby" was recorded as a duet with female vocalist Odia Coates, and the song became Anka's first No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in 15 years, since 1959's "Lonely Boy". Anka, whose last chart-topping hit had been 1959's "Lonely Boy", had written the song for his wife and their four daughters while appearing at Lake Tahoe. The song was going to be a solo effort by Anka, but the unknown Coates, whom Anka had met while on tour, was at the studio during the recording session. Upon suggestion by United Artists recording executive Bob Skaff, the song became a duet. Released in late June 1974, "(You're) Having My Baby" climbed the chart and became Anka's third No. 1 song. Despite its commercial success, the song has been criticized for its maudlin sentimentality and perceived sexist undertones, and has appeared in many "worst songs" lists. The National Organization for Women gave Anka the "Keep Her in Her Place" award during "its annual putdown of male chauvinism" in the media on Women's Equality Day. Ms. magazine "awarded" Anka their "Male Chauvinistic Pig of the Year" award. It was voted the #1 "Worst Song of All Time" in a poll conducted by CNN in 2006.

Sharon Baird and Mike Cox put a spin on the song
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