Water Bill, The

"The Water Bill" is a song from Canadian band Lake Of Stew's 2008 debut album, 'Ain't Tired Of Lovin'.

Water Bill, The


The Water Bill (WORD)
The Water Bill (PDF)

THE VIDEO IS IN THE SAME KEY but I've taken out one of the instrumental verses at the beginning for our BUG Jam. Thanks to Mike Cox for bringing this song to BUG! Don't walk on the water, Mike!

Lake Of Stew is a six-piece acoustic string band from Montreal, and they’ve been spreading their good vibes for many years now. Featuring a rotating cast of lead vocalists and full-group harmonies, they sing all kinds of original tunes, from waltzes to sing-alongs, barnburners to boogies. The band is: Brad Levia (archtop guitar, slide guitar, vocals), Richard Rigby (mandolin, banjo, harmonica, vocals), Daniel Mckell (guitar, kazoo, vocals), Mike Rigby (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Julia Narveson (gut-tub bass, bass, fiddle, banjolin, vocals) and Dina Cindric (accordion, banjo, piano, ukelele, bass, vocals.) While influenced by old time traditionals, all of their songs are original and as current as anything, with songs about everything from writing graffiti to meeting the Dalai Lama, riding the bus to school, to the healthcare system, Chateauguay and pie. Lake Of Stew was the winner of the 2009 Mimi Awards, which rewarded 5 bands for the quality of their work and was also nominated for Best Folk/Country Album Of The Year at the 2008 GAMIQ Awards. Their new effort, “Sweet as Pie” marks their new collaboration with Dare to Care Records.

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