Wanted Man

"Wanted Man" was written by Bob Dylan in 1969 for Johnny Cash.


Wanted Man (WORD)
Wanted Man (PDF)

Thanks to Chris Hill for submitting this song. The songsheet above is the song as recorded by Johnny Cash. But be sure to check out the 3rd video - the original Dylan/Cash demo recording. It sure sounds to me like Dylan is using the chords G, Am, D7, and C, which gives the song a very different, and pretty sound.

Wanted [G] man in Indiana, wanted [Am] man in Ohio
Wanted [D7] man in Texarkana, wanted [C] man in Mexi-[G]co

So in the songsheet that's posted below, you'd replace the [G] with [Gm] and the [C] with [C7], which gives it a really pretty sound:

Wanted [F] man in California, wanted [Gm] man in Buffalo
Wanted [C7] man in Kansas City, wanted [Bb] man in Ohi-[F]o

Cash debuted “Wanted Man” on his 1969 live album, At San Quentin, and would later release a studio version. (It was later covered by artists such as Nick Cave and George Thorogood.) Amazingly, Cash had only learned the song a week prior — at the same informal Nashville session with Dylan and Perkins that was captured on the demo recording — before opening his San Quentin set with the number. At the beginning of the demo, you can hear June Carter Cash say: "Honey, I don't want to interrupt your train of thought, but be sure that Bob puts the melody to that song, that 'Wanted Man'. You forgot the melody." (Rolling Stone)

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