Summer Wages

Summer Wages is a song from Ian & Sylvia’s 1967 album, So Much for Dreaming, and Ian Tyson’s 1986 album, Cowboyography.


Summer Wages (WORD)
Summer Wages (PDF)

Sources noted the song as Tyson’s ode to B.C. and possibly the best song written about the place. So Much For Dreaming was released during the singing duo’s folk and country-rock phase in the late 1960s. It was their sixth album issued on Vanguard Records during the '60s. Ian & Sylvia gained recognition as one of the top folk and country music duos in North America. Members of Western Writers of America included two of their songs, “Summer Wages” and “Someday Soon,” in the Top 100 Western songs of all time. Aside from these, Ian Tyson also wrote “Navajo Rug,” another of his Western compositions that made it to the list.

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