Snoopy's Christmas

"Snoopy's Christmas" is a song performed by The Royal Guardsmen in 1967.


Snoopy's Christmas (with riffs)(WORD)
Snoopy's Christmas (with riffs)(PDF)
Snoopy's Christmas (without riffs)(WORD)
Snoopy's Christmas (without riffs)(PDF)

You can play along in GCEA tuning until the first key change! I haven't put in the key changes for BUG. We'll be playing from the songsheet without riffs for BUG night, and Mark will be playing the riffs on the glockenspiel or Chroma-tones during our ghost counts!

"Snoopy's Christmas" continues to be played as a holiday favorite on most "oldie" radio stations; however, it is also often played on radio stations playing a Hit Music format as well as Adult Contemporary format stations. While these stations wouldn't normally play music from this era radio stations will make exceptions to mix certain Christmas songs with the usual playlist during the Holiday period. The song, which references the Christmas truce of World War I, subsequently appeared on the album Snoopy and His Friends.

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