Pushbike Song, The

"The Pushbike Song" is a song originally recorded by Australian band The Mixtures and released in 1970. The single was a chart success, reaching numbers one and two in the Australian and UK charts respectively. It has subsequently been covered by various artists.


The Pushbike Song (WORD)
The Pushbike Song (PDF)

It's spring! We'll be getting our bikes out and singing this so-o-ong! Bike bells, vibraslap, kazoos - can you hear it?! You can play along with the Mungo Jerry video!

"The Pushbike Song" was written by brothers Idris and Evan Jones, "The Pushbike Song" was released in 1970 and reached the top-spot for two weeks in the Australian charts in March 1971. It also proved popular in the UK, reaching the number two spot on 31 January (beaten by George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord"), and number 31 in Canada.

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