My Honolulu Hula Girl

Sonny Cunha, full name Albert Richard Cunha (October 1, 1879 – January 23, 1933) was an American composer, bandleader, pianist, singer, politician and entrepreneur.

My Honolulu Hula Girl


My Honolulu Hula Girl (WORD)
My Honolulu Hula Girl (PDF)

Sonny Cunha was the first to popularize hapa haole music, a type of Hawaiian music with influences from popular music and with lyrics that are a combination of English and Hawaiian (or wholly English).

My Honolulu Hula Girl - Music and words: "Sonny" Cunha, 1909

Source: Louise McKee, Sonny Cunha's Music Book, Copyright 1909 by Bergstrom Music Co. - This song, composed in 1909, under the original title My Honolulu Hula Girl was dedicated to Rene Dietrich. Multi-talented Albert R. "Sonny" Cunha is credited as being the father of the hapa haole song, his legacy to Hawaiian music. He influenced Johnny Noble and Henry Kailimai, among others, and toured the mainland for two years with his group.

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