"Moonshadow" is a song written and performed by Cat Stevens (known since 1978 as Yusuf Islam), first released as a single in the UK in 1970 on the Island label and in the US in 1971 on the A&M label. It also appears on Stevens' 1971 album Teaser and the Firecat.


Moonshadow (D)(WORD)
Moonshadow (D)(PDF)

Moonshadow (F)(WORD)
Moonshadow (F)(PDF)

Thought this would be a fun one to play with the total eclipse happening on April 8! You can play along with the video using the (D) songsheet! We may do play it in (F) for the BUG Jam. In the choruses you can do the following strum at the ending of the 2nd and 4th lines:

Yes / [D] I'm bein' followed by a / [G] moon-[D]shadow /
[G] Moonshadow [A7] moon-/ [D]shadow [A]  [D]             /
                                     du                        du                  du     d
      1    2    3                 4+                        1+                  2+     3    4                                

Or you can do just single downstrokes, or whatever else you prefer respecting the timing.

Yusuf Islam (born Steven Demetre Georgiou; 21 July 1948), commonly known by his stage names Cat Stevens, Yusuf, and Yusuf / Cat Stevens, is a British singer-songwriter and musician. He has sold more than 100 million records and has more than two billion streams. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

In May 2012 Moonshadow, a new musical by Yusuf, featuring music from throughout his career, opened at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne, Australia. The show received mixed reviews and closed four weeks early.

The song appears as "Moon Shadow" on both the UK and US labels of the single release.

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