Let My Love Open The Door

"Let My Love Open the Door" is a song written and performed by Pete Townshend from his 1980 album Empty Glass.


Let My Love Open The Door (WORD)
Let My Love Open The Door (PDF)

You can play in the same key as the videos! Most of the [G]'s at the end of the lines are passing chords that happen on the 4th beat of the measure - you can leave them out if you wish. Thanks to Jason Urquhart for bringing this song to BUG!

Possibility for strumming much of the song:
[C]  [G]        / [F]         [G] /
↓↓    ↑↑↓↑ /  ↓↓↑  ↑  ↓  /

If you're leading this song for a group, it might be wise to use the four lines of intro to introduce whatever strumming the group will use during most of the song. It might be confusing for the group to start out with one strum in the intro to try to copy what's happening in the video, and then switch to another rhythm when they start singing.

"Let My Love Open the Door" reached number nine on the Billboard Hot 100. It peaked at number five on RPM's Top 100 singles chart. It was Pete Townshend's only solo top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, but the Who's song "I Can See for Miles", which was written by Townshend, reached the same position on the chart 13 years earlier.

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