Leave Me Longing

“Leave Me Longing” is from Canadian singer-songwriter Ben Caplan’s debut studio album released in 2011, In The Time Of The Great Remembering.


Leave Me Longing (WORD)
Leave Me Longing (PDF)

Leave Me Longing (WORD)(Ellen's cover)
Leave Me Longing (PDF)(Ellen's cover)

Ben Caplan is a Canadian folk musician, born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario and now residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He's won several East Coast, Nova Scotia, and Hamilton Music Awards and continues to tour.

The first recording is Ben Caplan's recording and you can play along in the same key using the first songsheet with some minor variations to help with group timing.

The second recording is Ellen's lovely cover of Leave Me Longing which she'll be leading at our April 2023 BUG Jam. You can play along using Ellen's cover songsheet above.

Ellen's cover version
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