I Don't Know Birds That Well

"I Don't Know Birds That Well" is a song from MonaLisa Twins' 2012 debut album, When We're Together.


I Don't Know Birds That Well (EASY)(WORD)
I Don't Know Birds That Well (EASY)(PDF)

I Don't Know Birds That Well (CHALLENGE)(WORD)
I Don't Know Birds That Well (CHALLENGE)(PDF)

YOU CAN PLAY ALONG WITH THE VIDEO with either sheet! The artists use lots of sustained chord variations which I've tried to capture the sound of in the CHALLENGE version. But for the BUG Jam we'll display the EASY version on the screens! Thanks to Jack for introducing this song to BUG!

MonaLisa Twins are a pop rock band, fronted by twin-sister singer-songwriters Mona Wagner (vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion, harmonica, flute, recorder) and Lisa Wagner (vocals, lead guitar, ukulele, cello). The twins were born in Austria (born in Vienna, on June 16, 1994) and are based in Liverpool, in the United Kingdom. Known for their YouTube video covers of songs by The Beatles and other 1960s bands, many of which have been issued on a series of albums, they also have released three albums of original songs, inspired by the music of the 1960s. They have toured with Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, performed at the Glastonbury Festival, collaborated with American musician John Sebastian, and held a two-year residency at the Cavern Club.

The band's producer is the twins' father, Rudolf Wagner, who also plays the bass and piano, and co-writes and arranges their music, which is recorded in the Wagner family's own music studio. Rudolf's wife and the twins' stepmother, Michaela Wagner, is the band's manager and assistant. The family lived in a small village in the Groß-Enzersdorf municipality near Vienna until 2014, when they moved to a suburb of Liverpool.

The band typically has a four-person line-up for live concerts, with Mona and Lisa Wagner mostly playing guitars, and some harmonica and ukulele, respectively, on stage, while being backed by different bassists and drummers. In 2012 and 2013, while they were still based in Austria, those musicians were usually Michael Mozeth (bass) and Philipp Wolf (drums). Since 2014, including the two-year residency at the Cavern Club, they have been backed by several local British musicians.

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