Great Lakes Song

"Great Lakes Song" written by Shel Silverstein and Pat Dailey in 1990.


Great Lakes Song (WORD)
Great Lakes Song (PDF)

Sheldon Allan Silverstein (September 25, 1930 – May 10, 1999) was an American writer, poet, cartoonist, songwriter and playwright. He is known for his cartoons, songs, and children's books. His books have been translated into more than 30 languages and have sold more than 20 million copies. Silverstein's songs have been recorded and popularized by a wide range of acts including Johnny Cash, The Irish Rovers and Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show. He was the recipient of two Grammy Awards as well as Golden Globe Award and Academy Award nominations.

It was in 1984, in Key West, that Pat Dailey met the world famous poet, songwriter, playwright Shel Silverstein. Shel, a Key West winter resident, caught Pat's act at Sloppy Joe's Bar, introduced himself and suggested a song writing collaboration that continued for fifteen years until Shel's untimely death in May 1999. Together Pat and Shel co-wrote "The Great Lakes Song", a tune that is used by many schools to teach the children the names of the lakes.

Not written by Canadians - but how can you resist a song about the Great Lakes!! I've kept it truish to the original song but if you get a chance, listen to the version by Canadian group Freshwater Trade - it's different but great. We'll be singing this a little quicker than how it's played in the recording below.

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