Cool an' Green an' Shady

"Cool an' Green an' Shady" written by John Denver and Joe Henry for Denver's 1974 album, Back Home Again.


Cool an' Green an' Shady (WORD)
Cool an' Green an' Shady (PDF)

Thanks to Kat Summerbell for suggesting this song for BUG!

YOU CAN PLAY ALONG WITH THE RECORDING with the exception of the first few intro chords which were added to make it easier for the group to get into the rhythm. Note the bar lines in some lines:  the second chord within those bar lines is a passing chord - just one beat. If you want you can simplify and play the two finger [D7], i.e., 2020, instead of a [D#dim7] but it's not quite as pretty; and you can leave out the one [E7+5] chord in the first verse and just stay on [E7] but again, it's a pretty passing chord/note that I hear in the recording.

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