Au chant de l'alouette

Au Chant de l’alouette is a bouncing call and response song that describes a young girl’s encounter with an talking Lark while out picking berries. After accidentally stepping on the lark, the young girl is chastised by the bird.


Au chant de l'alouette (WORD)
Au chant de l'alouette (PDF)

There are many variations of this song. For example:

- The first line can be found as "Mon père m'envoie-t-à l'arbre…" (My father sends me to the tree); or "On m'envoie-t-à l'arbre" (I was sent to the tree); or "…à l'herbe" (…to the grass = meadow); or "…au champ" (…to the field).
- Sometimes the quail is sitting on her nest, i.e., "J'ai trouvé la caille assise sur son nid".
- In some versions, the dialogue between the quail and the main character is "Pucelle, retire-toi d'ici." "Je n' suis pas pucelle, je lui répondis." ("Maiden, withdraw from here." "I'm no maiden, I answered her."), the last part of the line being also found as "… tu en as menti." (…you lied). Many versions stop at this point.

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