Ain't It A Beauty (aka Garden Hose Song)

"Ain't It A Beauty (aka Garden Hose Song)" recorded by Cliff Ferré in 1956.


Ain't It A Beauty (G)(WORD)
Ain't It A Beauty (G)(PDF)

Ain't It A Beauty (D)(WORD)
Ain't It A Beauty (D)(PDF)

I've based the chords, lyrics, and melody of this songsheet on the original recording by Cliff Ferré below, although he does it in Bb and I've simplified the intro for group play. I've added a bit of extra punch to the songsheet i.e., parts in red and the added down arrows similar to Shanneyganock's version. Thanks to Kat Summerbell for suggesting this song for BUG!

Cliff Ferré (born 1920 in Vermont USA - died 1996) was an actor, composer, dancer, singer and author. He was a singer and dancer in Billy Rose's 'Aquacade', and in many other Broadway musicals. He served in the US Army during World War II, and appeared in the service show "This Is the Army".

After his Army service he joined The Dunhills, and appeared in nightclubs and on television throughout 1949. He also was a staff announcer for a Miami television station between 1957 and 1962, and was program director for WKBN in Youngstown, Ohio. He joined ASCAP in 1950, and collaborated musically with Mark McIntyre. His best-known popular-song composition is "The Money Tree".

The song's also been covered by Shanneyganock, Boyer Twins, and many others in pubs round about!

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