A Pizza Hut

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A Pizza Hut (WORD)
A Pizza Hut (PDF)

"Fast Food Song" is a song made famous by British-based band the Fast Food Rockers, although it existed long before they recorded it, as a popular children's playground song. The chorus was based on the Moroccan folk tune "A Ram Sam Sam". It mentions the fast food restaurants McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut.

The song was released in June 2003 as the lead single from their album It's Never Easy Being Cheesy. The song was highly successful in the United Kingdom, reaching number two on the UK Singles Chart and number one on the Scottish Singles Chart. The song also achieved minor chart success worldwide and reached number 24 on the Irish Charts and number 56 on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart. The song was co-written and produced by Mike Stock. The band are widely considered to be a one-hit wonder, though their two follow up singles "Say Cheese (Smile Please)" and "I Love Christmas" both achieved moderate success in the UK Singles Chart, reaching numbers 10 and 25, respectively. One version was written for Butlins, where the lyrics were changed.

The original version of this song was written and recorded in Dutch by Eric Dikeb, called "Pizza-ha-ha", even though it is better known as "De Pizza Hut". "Fast Food Song" is only one of the many adaptations of the Dutch original. Other versions include "De Pizzadans", recorded by Dynamite, which was a hit in Belgium.[3] An English-language version has also been recorded by Eric Dikeb for the Philippines market, in support of a local charity.

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