Toora Loora Lay

Following the success of The Stable Session album in 2014, Na Fianna joined forces with producer Bill Shanley of Cauldron Studios to record their first studio album. This song, "Toora Loora Lay", is found on their album Unearthed.


Toora Loora Lay (WORD)
Toora Loora Lay (PDF)

Toora Loora Lay (ABRIDGED)(WORD)
Toora Loora Lay (ABRIDGED)(PDF)

YOU CAN PLAY ALONG WITH THE VIDEO WITH THE FIRST SONGSHEET! I've also created an abridged version which we'll use at BUG.

"I got to see their dedication as individual musicians, their virtuoso ability on their instruments and that each one of them being a unique and talented singer…."This is only the beginning of a long and successful journey for Na Fianna" Bill Shanley

TOORA LOORA LAY is co-written with Don Mescall and is destined to reach out to the Irish Diaspora with worldwide appeal.

"There is a certain energy that they have which comes to life in their songs, the creative process relies on that energy and honesty, these guys have this in abundance, their amazing journey has just begun" Don Mescall

The band began in March 2007 and they quickly built a reputation for energetic and passionate performances on stage. In 2009 they entered the All Ireland Talent Show on Ireland’s national television station, RTE. The show catapulted them onto both a national and international platform, further increasing their ambition for continued achievement.

The band has evolved through the years and now comprises of brothers Ciaran and Hugh Finn, James O’Connor and Peter McMahon. Visit : (from

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