To Morrow

"I Want To Go To Morrow" was written by Lew Sully and published in 1898. (Some sources list the music as by Geoffrey O’Hara.) The song was recorded repeatedly at the start of the twentieth century.


To Morrow (C)(WORD)
To Morrow (C)(PDF)

To Morrow (G)(WORD)
To Morrow (G)(PDF)

You can play along with the Kingston Trio recording using the (C) songsheet. For BUG Jam, if I'm leading the song, we'll use the (G) songsheet. Thanks to Virgina Simpson Geffros for the suggestion.

It is not absolutely clear whether the song refers to Morrow, Ohio, or Morrowville, Kansas. The song refers to Ohio but, supposedly, this exact situation happened with reference to the town in Kansas in 1896. Morrow, Kansas was named for its founder - Cal Morrow - then was renamed in 1896 because railroad agents were getting too many orders for “a ticket to Morrow.”

The Kingston Trio recorded a version of this song, called "To Morrow", for their album String Along, released in 1960. It was their fifth studio album in a row to reach number one on the Billboard charts and remained there for ten weeks. String Along received an RIAA gold certification in 1962, a year after Dave Guard had left the group. It was the last LP of the Trio to reach the number one spot.

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