Time BUG Members Please

A phrase called out at closing time in a pub. A bell usually rings ten or fifteen minutes before to alert people that the bar is closing so that they can order more drinks. Then at closing the bell rings again and the bar person can say "Time gentlemen please!"


Time BUG Members Please (WORD)
Time BUG Members Please (PDF)

The Pig and Whistle was a Canadian musical television series aired on the CTV television network from 1967 to 1977. Filmed in Toronto, Ontario but set in a fictional English pub, the show featured an assortment of Canadian, British and Irish performers.

One of CTV's most popular programs of its day, The Pig and Whistle drew ratings of over a million viewers in the early 1970s. The program was hosted by John Hewer and featured the music of the Carlton Showband, a Canadian-Irish musical group. Scottish singer and entertainer Stan Kane was often featured.

The program's title is derived from one of the names of a traditional English public house, whose meaning in turn remains somewhat speculative. "Time, Gentlemen, Please!" was the last song of the old "Pig and Whistle Show"

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