Thank You Girl

"Thank You Girl" is a song recorded by The Beatles, written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney (Lennon–McCartney), and issued as the B-side of the single "From Me to You", which was recorded on the same day (5 March 1963).


Thank You Girl(WORD)
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YOU CAN PLAY ALONG WITH THE RECORDING IN GCEA TUNING! Thanks for sending me the song Danielle Soucy!

Originally titled "Thank You, Little Girl", the song was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney as a tribute to the band's many female fans. McCartney said, "We knew that if we wrote a song called, 'Thank You Girl', that a lot of the girls who wrote us fan letters would take it as a genuine 'thank you'. So a lot of our songs were directly addressed to the fans." Like many of their early songs, the two songwriters used the trick of including 'I', 'me' or 'you' in the title, to make it seem more personal.

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