Santa Never Brings A Banjolele

"Santa Never Brings Me A Banjo" (re-done as "Santa Never Brings A Banjolele" by Sue) is a celebrated holiday song from the multi-talented and multiple-award-winning Canadian musician, David Myles. It was released in 2014 on his Christmas album entitled "It's Christmas".

Santa Never Brings A Banjolele


Santa Never Brings A Ukulele (G)(WORD)
Santa Never Brings A Ukulele (G)(PDF)

Santa Never Brings A Ukulele (F)(WORD)
Santa Never Brings A Ukulele (F)(PDF)

The YouTube videos below are in different keys. I prefer to sing it in G but for those that would like to learn the melody by playing with a video, you can use the (F) songsheet and play in the same key as the first video below.

The idea of the album suggested itself in part because of David Myles' annual "Singing For Supper" tour in Eastern Canada every December, which raises money and donates food for those in need. The concerts take place in a variety of shopping malls in New Brunswick. A portion of the sales of the It's Christmas album continues to be donated to food banks where the album is for sale. In 2018, Myles had this celebrated holiday song published as a bright and fun children's picture book. You can purchase David's book and the album at this link (the book is also sold at Chapters):

The official website of David Myles. Get the latest news, videos, tour dates and more. New Single “Mystery” Out Now!

David Myles was born and raised in Fredericton, New Brunswick. When Santa didn't bring him a banjo, he picked up the trumpet instead and could often be found making music with his three older brothers. With a political science degree to his credit, David was on his way to law school when he was snatched from the jaws of a conventional career by the lure of music.

Key of F
Key of F#
Key of E
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