Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

"Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town" is a Christmas song, written by John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie and was first sung on Eddie Cantor's radio show in November 1934.


Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (WORD)
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (PDF)

I've chosen to base the songsheet on Fred Astaire's recording from the 1970 animated film "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town". YOU CAN PLAY IN THE SAME KEY AS THE RECORDING IN GCEA TUNING IF YOU PUT YOUR CAPO ON THE 3RD FRET! The song starts at 1:30 minutes.

"Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town" became an instant hit with orders for 500,000 copies of sheet music and more than 30,000 records sold within 24 hours. The version for Bluebird Records by George Hall and His Orchestra (vocal by Sonny Schuyler) was very popular in 1934 and reached the various charts of the day. The song has been recorded by over 200 artists, including Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters, The Crystals, Mariah Carey, Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra, Chris Isaak, Michael Buble and The Jackson 5 . The earliest known recorded version of the song was by banjoist Harry Reser and his band on October 24, 1934 (Decca 264A) featuring Tom Stacks on vocal, the version shown in the Variety charts of December 1934. The song was a sheet music hit, reaching number 1. In 1970, Rankin-Bass produced Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town, an hour-long animated TV film based on the song, with Fred Astaire narrating the origin of Santa Claus. (Wikipedia)

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