Rambles Of Spring, The

"The Rambles Of Spring" was an original composition by Tommy Makem which was introduced on The Makem & Clancy Concert album in 1977.


The Rambles Of Spring (WORD)
The Rambles Of Spring (PDF)

If you want to play along using the songsheet in GCEA tuning, put your capo on the 5th fret. Makem does the song in the key of F.

Makem had a forceful and charismatic stage presence – the result of years of public performance, a strong personality and a bard's voice. Performances often began with Makem's original composition "The Rambles of Spring". Makem and Clancy's second album was a live record recorded at the Gaiety Theater in Dublin in July 1977, the double LP The Makem & Clancy Concert. The record introduced many songs that were to become staples in their repertoire, including another of their signature numbers, Gordon Bok's story-song, Peter Kagan and the Wind, as well as Mary Mack, Rambles of Spring, the Irish language song Ar Éirinn Ní Neosainn Cé Hí, and The Town of Ballybay.

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