Love Is The Seventh Wave

"Love Is the Seventh Wave" is a hit single from Sting's 1985 solo debut album The Dream of the Blue Turtles. It was released as the album's second single in the UK, and the third single in the US.


Love Is The Seventh Wave (WORD)
Love Is The Seventh Wave (PDF)

You can play along with the first recording!

Supposedly Sting said the following about the song: "Love is the Seventh Wave" was written in Barbados. I was at Eddy Grant's studio, watching the surfers, and they told me that the seventh wave was the strongest wave: they get stronger and stronger until the seventh wave, then start again. So the idea of love being the strongest wave that would encompass everything in a destructive, apocalyptic way was an appealing one at the time. At the end I sing "Every cake you bake, every leg you break". I quite like using the songs as a modular system where you can mix and match lines from different songs. It's a tradition now. People expect it. Basically, it's all one big song. You could say it was an aspect of postmodernism if you liked, but you'd be called pretentious if you said that. It's just something that amuses me."

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