Love Bug

"Love Bug" is a song from the highly anticipated 2014 album of the same name which marked Raffi’s first new album of original material in over a decade.

Love Bug


Love Bug (WORD)
Love Bug (PDF)

Mark and I were playing with our grandson, Anthony, and this song came up on our Raffi playlist. It caught our attention immediately and I absolutely had to work out a songsheet for our children's repertoire! You can play along in the same key!

The album, Love Bug, with a collection of 16 all-original songs is a thoughtfully crafted body of work which engages children in a broad range of fundamental topics including love, nature, playtime, chores, and teamwork—music to charm the whole family! Egypt-born, British Columbia-raised Raffi is one of the most successful entertainers in the history of children's music, and has been for over four decades.

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