I'm Yours

"I'm Yours" is the first single released by Jason Mraz from his third studio album We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. It was performed in his 2004 and 2005 gigs and already became a crowd favorite before its release.


I'm Yours (2 parts - combined)(WORD)
I'm Yours (2 parts - combined)(PDF)
I'm Yours (2 parts - separated)(WORD)
I'm Yours (2 parts - separated)(PDF)

This song breaks into 2 parts at the end. I've posted two song sheets - one has the two parts combined, the other has the two parts separated. For our own use, Mark and I prefer the two parts separated as we find it easier to read. It's your choice! Jason Mraz has done many different versions in which there are variations in words, tempo, instrumentals, etc. A jam group may want to leave out the long instrumental in the middle and if so you could do it like this:

There's no [C] need to compli-[G]cate, our time is [Am] short

This [Am] is our [F] fate, I'm yours [D7]  /  [D7] (one downstrum) I've been spending ....

"I'm Yours" was nominated for Grammy Award for Song of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance at the 51st Grammy Awards in 2009. "I'm Yours" was immensely successful in the U.S. on the Billboard charts. At 76 weeks on the Hot 100, it held the record for most weeks spent on the chart; this record has since been broken by Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive", which spent 87 weeks on the chart. As of January 2013, it is the tenth best-selling digital song of all time in the U.S., selling over 6 million downloads, and 12.2 million worldwide. It remains Mraz's biggest US hit single to date.

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